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New Zealand compared to Australia

The following wheel compares New Zealand outcomes with those of Australia.

Figure IC2 Social indicators in New Zealand relative to Australia

Pie chart comparing social wellbeing in New Zealand with the OECD.

Interpreting "Social indicators in New Zealand, relative to Australia"

This figure shows social indicators in New Zealand relative to Australia for 24 outcomes. The circle Circle represents the
Australian outcome for each indicator, and the spokes spokes represent New Zealand’s outcome, relative to Australia’s.
Where a spoke falls outside the circle, New Zealand’s outcome is better than Australia’s. Where the spoke falls inside the circle, outcomes in New Zealand are worse than in Australia. For each outcome, the most recent data has been used where possible. The majority of the data comes from between 2006 and 2008, but the population with low incomes and income inequality data comes from 2004, suicide and assault mortality data comes from 2004 (Australia) and 2005 (New Zealand) while the indigenous language speakers data for Australia comes from 2002 (2006 for New Zealand). SOME CAUTION IS REQUIRED WITH THIS DATA: international comparisons are difficult to interpret because of the different methods countries use to collect, classify and record social data.