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Chief Executive's Preface

Image of Peter Hughes, Chief Executive, Ministry of Social Development. In the same way as we report on New Zealand’s economic performance over time, The Social Report 2009 provides a comprehensive picture of how New Zealand is doing against a range of important social indicators.  It shows how we have performed over time.

With the Social Report, New Zealand is recognised as world leading in its reporting on key social trends. In its eighth year of production, the Social Report is now well established as a source of information which is widely used by non-government organisations, local government and public and private sector organisations to inform their business decisions and their planning.

The combined picture makes a vital contribution to understanding and taking action on complex social issues. Many of the indicators are disaggregated to regional and territorial authority level.

The indicators are also broken down by groups where possible. For example, this enables us to know how Māori, Pacific peoples are faring compared to other New Zealanders, and to see the results for men and women. The report also compares results for New Zealand compared to those for a number of other countries.

The Social Report has an important contribution to make to informed discussion about social issues at both a national and local levels across New Zealand. 

This year’s Report captures the first impacts of the economic recession.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of everyone who has been involved in producing this year’s Report.

I am sure that the Social Report 2009 will be of great use to decision makers, advisors and commentators in the business, public and community sectors across New Zealand.

image of Peter Hughes, Chief Executive, Ministry of Social Development.

Peter Hughes
Chief Executive
Ministry of Social Development