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Reporting outcomes for age, sex, region or other characteristics

Ideally, it would be desirable to break down each indicator by population characteristics of interest, such as age, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability status and by regional council and territorial authority areas. Most indicators can be broken down by age, sex and ethnicity. For the majority of indicators, disaggregation by socio-economic status or disability status is not possible because the indicators rely on data sources that do not collect this type of information, or the sample sizes are too small to allow this type of breakdown.

For some indicators (for example, unemployment and employment) additional disaggregations are possible. However, to make the report as direct and accessible as possible, we limit reporting by population breakdowns to the most pertinent characteristics for each indicator.

Additional breakdowns for regions and territorial authority boundaries are available in a regional social report section of this website. The regional section provides data for the same indicators as the national report, where possible, or for aligned indicators where different data sources can provide subnational results. Time series for this information is provided where historical data is available.