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Changes to The Social Report 2009

No changes have been made to the outcome domains used in this year’s edition of the social report. Changes have been made to a small number of indicators used in the report. These are detailed in Table AP1.

Table AP1 Changes to the indicators in The Social Report 2009

Outcome Domain Change
Health Provisional 2006 data in the health expectancy indicator has been replaced with final 2006 data.
Knowledge and Skills An indicator on adult literacy skills in English was published in the social report from 2001 to 2006, but it was not included in 2007 or 2008 because the 1996 data was quite old. The indicator has been reinstated in this edition because there is new 2006 data available from the 10-yearly survey.
Paid Work The unemployment and employment indicators in this edition are based on March years, rather than on December years. This change was made to capture more recent data.
Economic Standard of Living The market income per person indicator in this edition of the social report is based on March years rather than December years, and includes data up to March 2009.
Civil and Political Rights A new indicator on the representation of ethnic groups in government has been added to the Civil and Political Rights domain. It is now feasible because time series data is available. The new indicator complements the indicator on the representation of women in government.