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Regional Councils

This section provides information on regional council areas by social report indicator and by regional council location.

The information by indicator shows data for all the regions (or combined regions), where it is available, under each indicator.

The information is provided in map format, with summary tables. For each indicator, the map shows how the regions rank, from dark green (best outcome against the indicator) through to dark red, with regions in between shaded in lighter colours. The colour coding of the maps is consistent for all the indicators. Dark green always indicates the best performing regions comparatively regardless of whether this is associated with a low figure (for example, cigarette smoking) or a high figure (for example, participation in early childhood education). While each map shows the best through to the least well performing regional council areas, the actual difference in the outcomes may be small. The maps show information for the most recent year.

The information by location shows population and all available indicator data for each region.