Social wellbeing summary


This summary section has three parts.

Firstly, recent-change and medium-term-change are looked at to see if outcomes have improved or worsened for selected social wellbeing indicators.

Secondly, selected New Zealand’s social wellbeing outcomes are compared with those of other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.

Finally, a table provides detailed summary information on each indicator.

Radial charts are used here, and in the demographic section, to visualise changes over time or variations across groups. Radial charts provide a good way of quickly presenting complex information. However, this style of presentation means that direct comparisons in the size of change for different indicators cannot be made. In addition, while a radial chart may indicate a change or difference in outcomes, the change may not be statistically significant. This will often be true for indicators that fall on, or close to, the central circle.